The 100 Day Challenge

One Hundred Days of Creative Content!

The 100 Day Challenge - One Hundred Days of Creative Content!

2015: Day 87 – NinjBots

Type: Poem

Format: Poem

Info: the Ninjbots were sent out to find the missing one!

They seek him here, They seek him there,

Those ninjbots seek him everywhere!

Is he safe, or is he on fire

that damned elusive Pete Maguire.

Is he ok, or down on his luck,

Or did he run into the Great Ninja Duck!


2015: Day 84 – If you build it they will come

Type: Building

Format: Improvised Stageing

Info: Today we had the grand opening of the Widows Sons Clubhouse. Unfortunately the “Temporary” Plaque case with the plaques for the unveiling had been put on the wall a bit hight. Not only that but the people doing the official opening are on the small side. So photographs would not work, and the press were down.  So we built a raised podium for the people to stand on for the opening. But due to nothing available, we build the podium using the base of the JW area from one Temple, and parts of the SW’s from another. Which ended with us having a rather impressive, wood and velvet standing area. 😉

Photos to follow.

2015: Day 83 – But will you flee, or will you fight?

Type: Poetry

Format: Poem

Info: I was singing an old song in my head, from my youth.. and it grew….

From their holes and caverns creep,
ten thousand orc and goblin feet.
With hungry hearts and sharpened knives,
they come to claim your worthless lives.

But will you flee, or will you fight?
Will you die or survive the night?
They have their knives, you have your axe,
Time to make your stand, or make some tracks!

The lines been drawn, the stands been made,
your all alone with heart and blade!
No one can stand against such might,
you’ll never see the mornings light!

You will be told of in tales and songs,
about your gallant stand against goblin thongs.
A heroes legend will always thrive,
but it’s much nicer to stay alive!