The 100 Day Challenge

One Hundred Days of Creative Content!

The 100 Day Challenge - One Hundred Days of Creative Content!

2015: Day 25 – The Exchange

Type: Writing

Format: Scene, A Handoff

Info: It came to me as I was driving home.

The man slid into the empty side of the table, and placed a briefcase on the top, next to the one already there.

“Do you have it?” he asked

The man opposite patted his case “do you have the money”

“of course!”

The fell silent as a waiter came to deliver two drinks..

“Let me see it?” he asked

“show me the money first!”

“NO, I want to see if you really have it before I show you the money”£

“Well I want to see you really have the money before I show it you”

The two men stared at each other, and sipped thier drinks.

“OK. the thing is… I did not bring the money with me, I did not trust that you wouldn’t just kill me for it. It’s close and I can get it as soon as i know you have the item!” He drank some more of his drink

“Ha, You’ll never believe this. But I did not trust you. SO I did not bring the item with me, I left it with a friend, and as soon as I saw the money I’d call them to bring it”

The man laughed and pointed at the other mans case. “So whats in there?”

“Old newspapers” he laughed “and in yours?”

The man patted his case, “Hotel towels”

They drank some more while laughing together.

“I don’t feel well” He said as the man opposite collapsed on the table…

The waiter returned to the table talking on his phone “I have retrieved the item, I’ll expect payment on delivery!” he hung up and retrieved the first briefcase “I will get big money for this” he them picked up the second briefcase “and this.. this is just a bonus”

He walked out the cafe….