The 100 Day Challenge

One Hundred Days of Creative Content!

The 100 Day Challenge - One Hundred Days of Creative Content!

2014: Day 52 – Ramblings

Type: Poetry
Format: Poetry
Info: Stuff from my mind

I come from here, which is no where near,

For the earth is just a big massive sphere.

We are really not that far apart,

We all do notice if one should fart

This poem isn’t going the way I planned

I really think it should be banned

But I left the day go on too long

and I have no time left for rhyme or song


2014: Status – Easter


I have not forgotten the 100 day challenge, nor have I been neglecting it. 

I have however been enjoying my extended easter weekend, and have tried to avoid sitting in front of a Computer. And as such I will back fill the missing days in mass later.


Status: Half way there

Well we have reached the half way point, and are in the final stretch. And for the first time since we started doing the 100 Days challenge all participants are still in the game.

This year I seem to have done more drawing type things than any other year, Well I have so far. Who knows what the second half of the challenge will bring.

So Well done everyone. Just 50 more days to go. (Hope you don’t kill yourself with tile cutting Mr @Demonpengu)


2014: Day 48 – The Mother of Dragons

Type: Design

Format: Gaming Character

Info: Well I have started rewatching Game of Thrones from Season 1, and I had not played SkyRim in years.

I had the urge to play skyrim. But I could not remember where I was on all the quests I had going on, so fancied a New Character.

And since in SkyRim you play the Dragon Born, I decided to make a new character called Daenerys Targaryen and make the character look as close to her as possible.