The 100 Day Challenge

One Hundred Days of Creative Content!

The 100 Day Challenge - One Hundred Days of Creative Content!

2014: Status – The End

Hang on. Don’t PANIC!!!

The world has not ended, nor has 2014 ended.

The 100 days challenge for 2014 has ended. WOW, its been 100 days already? This year has flown by….

Well another year’s challenge has been completed, some of the participants reached new personal bests in their challenges, and some almost died from the back breaking slate cutting/laying.

Anyway. To all participants I say “Well Done”  See you all next year.



2014: Day 100 – Shiny

Type: MacGyvering

Format: Lateral Thinking & tweaking

Info: My father just got himself a new Motorbike, and he also got a SissyBar-Backrest/Carrier for it. Because you can never have too much Chrome!!

Unfortunately when it was fitted the backrest was too far back for the seat, and it did not really work. But rather than waste the £180 spent on the rest, Some alterations were made. Holes drilled, stainless steel spacers made, and major tweakage allowed it all to work and be in the correct place. While maintaining sufficient chromeage.

2012: Day: 96 – Web Design – BBCode Image tool

Type: Programing

Format: WebDesign.

Info: My father has recently started using a Forum, and wants to upload images into his posts. Unfortunately it’s a BBForum, so no internal image upload functions. The idea is you upload to some image hosting site and copy the code into your post..

I have therefore created a simple image upload page for his use, that allows images to be uploaded, stored and to display the actual BBCode needed to embed the image into a post. While keeping the image store private.