2011: Day 15

And now for something completely different. Porn. Just Joking. 🙂

Type: Writing

Format: Writing Segment.

Info: The start of a scene, thats has the potential of being iffy (more so as its based on real life memories). 

With the knock at the door he smiled, knowing she was here.  She had phoned him earlier letting him know she was on her way down to visit.  He opened the door and let her in.  She entered the room, her figure hidden underneath a big baggy black jumper and a long flowing black skirt.  Her long blonde hair that normally flowed down her body, was tied up neatly in a bun.  He had to admit it was not what you would typical call a sexy outfit, but even so, to him she would have looked good in practically anything.  He smiled a greeting to her as he moved forward pulling her towards him in a tight hug.  His smile deepening as his arms encountered a hard surface beneath her jumper that could only mean one thing, a corset.  And that itself could only mean one thing, or he hoped it could.

He kissed her lips softly, holding her body tight against his, enjoying the hard feeling of her corseted body against his.  Reluctantly letting her go, he moved towards the rooms windows closing the curtains to block out the daytime sun, and to give them some privacy.  Locking the door he turned to face her, his mouth falling open in amazement as he gazed upon the site before him.  He gaped in wonder as like a butterfly leaving its cocoon, she stepped out of her long skirt and removed her jumper, revealing the beauty that had been concealed under these baggy clothes.

She stood shyly before him, as his eyes slowly traveled up her body from her feet to meet her eyes in a loving stare.  She wore small black boots, black fishnet stockings that were attached to a shinny black corset.  Adorning her lovely neck was a black studded dog collar.  She looked like something from the cover of an erotic novel.  Gazing at her, he realised that was exactly how she looked.  He had given her an erotic book for her birthday, and she was dressed just like the lady on the cover.  He smiled at her, and was glad at his choice of her present.  He drank deeply of the site before him.  The corset while covering the body, enhanced her feminine figure, framed her breasts, and yet left her sex on display.

This was too good to be true, he decided.   This Gothic goddess couldn’t be standing before him, waiting for him to show some kind of response.   Mentally pinching himself to check that he was not sleeping, he moved to embrace her again.  His lips searching out hers in a deep kiss, his hands running over her body in a gentle caress.