2011: Day 17

I swear there is a ghost in the net. And I think I may have upset her!

Type: Writing

Format: A short scene

Title: All your Packets are belong to me.

Info: I almost did not get to post tonight. Let me set the scene for you

frak frak frak!!!!” The words rang out in frustration. “Why does the Internet always go weird when you need it the most?” The man asking the question was sitting at his desk, his fingers slamming hard against the keys of his keyboard, playing a fast tune as he tried command after command to force his will onto the machine.

Whats up? The Internet seems to be working fine for me. And weren’t you just tweeting a minute ago, so it must be fine.” The second voice came from over from the couch near the TV, “errr, and aren’t I watching streaming youtube right now? streaming off the internet?

YES!” Bang, bang, ratter tap ban went the keys, as random commands like traceroute, ping, route, iptables, were thrown at the black window of a linux terminal. “I’m connected to the internet, But I can not access my sites! They are all showing as down, yet the webcolsole is saying they are up.” A small smile lifted the corners of his mouth as he remotely connected to a different workstation, many miles away from his current location, and started throwing commands at the similar black window on its screens. “GORRAM!!!! I can connect to things from there!

Just leave it. Its one of them things, It’ll sort itself out in a minute. Come here and watch this web show, it’s funny and you like the leading lady!” The second voice was always the voice of reason.

I cant! I have to upload some work to my site before the end of the night. I HAVE to get a post up there, or else” The fingers raced faster as lines of firewall rules and output scrolled up the screen. “There must be something blocking me somewhere! I know the frelling sites up!

“Well. If you can’t upload something, does it really matter? Will it be the end of the world?” The tone of the second voice changed. “Tell you what, I’ll play some co-op with you. what you fancy black-ops or dead island?

I WILL FIX THIS!!! defeat is not in my dictionary!” He turned round to look at the sofa “Seriosly, there was an accident with a lighter and a candle, I lost everything from Coptic to elongate” he turned back and tried a few more tricks. finally resorting in a full cold reboot of the router, there may even have been the waving of a dead chicken, and other arcane arts used.


The entity floated incorporeal over the internet, its tendrils randomly sending packets on wild goose chases, and redirecting all traffic between the mans terminal and his server into the void. A small electronic version of a laugh burst from the speakers of a million desktop speakers, “all your packets are belong to me!