2011: Day 18

Type: Writing

Format: A Note found in an abandoned house

Info: Too much Dead Island?

The house was empty, the widows were closed tight and covered in blankets, whoever had been holed up in there had some sense, or at least they had sense in the beginning. He picked up the note again,

If you find this thank god. We are not the last!

We’ve been holed up in this house since the warnings on the radio telling us to stay indoors, That was before the TV & radio stopped broadcasting, and the electricity went out.

We’ shut ourselves inside and tried to ignore the screams and cries for help we heard on the streets. its not like there was anything we could have done.

We tried to follow the emergency instructions of stay indoors and wait for help. But its been eight days now. no ones been,  the cries for help have gone which we’re not sure is a good or bad thing.

we would have stayed, but the last of the drinkable water ran out yesterday. and we are low on food thats eatable without cooking. John says we need to move, find somewhere with people, or at least food and drink. He says if we head to the town we will bump into the police, or other people.

We don’t know whats going on, john says its some terrorist thing, but anne keeps muttering about zombies, that girl watches way to many films.

anyway, we are heading towards town, if you find this note you can follow us, we will be leaving markers as we go, and we’ll be traveling mostly by night. John says the terrorists will be less likely to see us that way.

Please follow us, we have left a few cans of food in the kitchen, if you can make a fire maybe you can cook them.

god speed, and be safe.

He shuck his head, head towards the town, did they not realise places of high population had a high number of infected, they should have been heading the other way, into the hills, thats where it was safer. He wished them all the luck he had spare, they would need it. Well at least he would have a place to sleep tonight, and some food thanks to the portable camping heater he had in his pack.

in the modern world, you had to count your blessings when they came because they did not come very often.