2011: Day 21

Type: Writing

Format: Snippet

Info: more snippets from the Kingdom of Atheria.

Lord Lashander walked out into the secluded garden and sighed deeply, his entire body seemed to relax.  This was the one place he always felt safe, his private sanctuary.  The garden was surrounded by high unclimbable walls, the tops ringed with razor-sharp blades. Surrounding the walls was a deep moat filled with flesh-eating pirhena fish, and other deadly traps. The walled garden was searched and checked by his team of guards four times a day, to make sure it stayed private.  If this protection was not enough, then its location also helped being situated in the centre of his castle, where his guards were under orders to kill any uninvited guests.

 He slid the security bars across the doorway, and sighed even more, it was not that he was naturally a paranoid man, but he had enemy’s, and powerful enemies at that. Last week he had received a black feather, the calling card of the assassins guild. Those vile people enjoyed toying with their targets first, letting them know a contract was out on them, and actually giving them time to prepare. Yet to date no one had ever survived receiving a back feather. Lord Lashander planned on being the first person to survive, even if it ment staying locked up for the next few months.

 He walked slowly among his garden enjoying the peace and safety, he paused near an apple tree to pick one of its juicy fruit. “I should be safe here.” he said to the trees. “Yes! we’re all safe here” came a female voice from the tree. Lord Lashander jumped back, as the tree’s shadow seems to stretch and separate. He turned to run, and managed to get several steps away from the shadow when the knife hit him in the back, killing him instantly.

 “one down, six to go” said the shadow as it merged back into the tree’s shadow, to await the discovery of the body.