2011: Day 23

Type: Writing

Format: Snippet/free writing

Info: I have an idea, I’m just unsure of my idea.

He ran from the perusing troops dodging one way and another. Constantly scanning the piles of junk that spread out in all directions. The barking of the dogs let him know they were getting closer. “Let me find a marker soon he muttered” as he shot between two large piles of junk.

He stumbled over an old bit of tubing that was partial concealed in the mud. But this set back may just be the break that may save his life. As he fell he spotted a bit of graffiti on the side of a pile of used bricks. Jesus saves written above a large cross. Smiling he changed direction and headed left.

It was a cunning system the almighty bob had come up with,  The answer to the problem of how do you hide markers in plain sight in a community where the church police strongly fight against any markings and there are teams of people roaming the streets cleaning up all unwanted marks

You use the only marks the state turn a blind eye too. Religiosity sayings and motos. So he came up with the idea of using safe sayings that the church would accept. And place it with either a cross where one branch would be slightly longer than the other. Or occasionally a drawing of the crucified Christ with one hand slightly pointing.

Then cos the bob is slightly. Paranoid the direction indicated by the signs is the opposite. to the direction you needed to be going.

God bless the bob he thought as he felt for the first time in 48 hours that he may just survive.