2011: Day 29

Type: Writing

Format: Snippet/free writing

Info: I do not know. I was watching Dexter?

Do you know what I did today? Go on guess? I bet you wont get it right?

I went to work and killed a man. Did you guess correctly? No, you didn’t did you.

Before you ask I am not a medical person, executioner, Soldier, Police officer, or any other profession that would possibly kill someone as part of their day to day occupation. I’m an IT professional.

No, It was not an accident, I did not have a blow out in one of my tires as I drove to work, I did not fall asleep at the wheel and mount a pavement, or any other similar act.

I embedded a philips screw driver into a customers eye socket. No they fact it was a philips headed driver has no relation to the act. It was just the nearest thing to hand.

Why did I do it? Well I did not like the colour of his shirt. I know, thats not a very insightful reason, but why should any reason have more value than any other.

If I had killed him because he slept with my wife, or ran over my daughter would that be more valid than say he was rude, or insulting? Is any reason more valid. I think as long as the reason is valid to you, who is to judge.

The funny thing is, after I killed him, the colour of his shirt started to grow on me. Lifes funny like that. One minute you are ramming a tool into someones eye because their choice of attire offends you, the next your wandering where you can get one from.

Before you ask, no I did not take the dead customers shirt. That would be wrong, He was a lot bigger than me, his shirt would not have fitted me.

So there you have my day. Go to work, kill a customer, hide his body under a colleagues desk, and come home.

How was your day?

Yes I am interested in what you got up to today, its just………

Has your skirt always been that colour?