2011: Day 31

Type: Writing

Format: Snippet/free writing

Info: Some soldiers on exercise, One thinks outside the box.

“I don’t understand the problem Sir. I made it to the checkpoint” The soldier looked confused, “and if I’m not mistaken I am the only person who made it here, how can I have failed?”

He thought back to that morning, when they had all left camp in the back of the four tonne trucks, with no equipment, just a basic map, to be dropped off at random spots in the wild, all with instructions to try and get to the extraction point. there had been forty of them leaving camp, it was only partially training for them. The main training had been for the parachute regiment in tracking and hunting down enemy soldiers.

None of them were expected to make the safe zone, most had been caught pretty quick, but some had made it almost to the end. By the time he’d got within eyesight of the safe zone, there had been a group of six of them, the only ones still free. They had made it that far working as a team, which gave them an advantage of more eyes and ears. And more suggestions of how to get past some of the patrols.

They had made it to the bottom of a steep hill, with a road running up the side of it, turning near the top and then just a short straight bit to the parked trucks and safety. He guessed that they should have tried sneaking up slowly, but they were hungry, tired, and so close. They had just simply walked up the hill, right into the patrol waiting behind a pile of rocks, The para’s had jumped out right as they reached them, half the group had run, but three had just given up from exhaustion.

The three that ran were stuck, safety was up the hill behind the fresh rested para’s who they had no chance of out running, the only place they could run was back down the hill, away from safety and towards the other patrols. Another one had given up then.

One tried to barge his way through the para’s taking several down to the ground in an undignified heap.Theres a lot to be said for Rugby skills.

This had left him as the only free one. Thanks to the diversion of the fallen para’s he’d got past the group and was running up the hill to safety when another group left the safe zone to intercept him. “SHIT! thats cheating!” he screamed with what was left of his energy.

Trapped between the soldiers moving along the road towards him, and those now picking themselves off the floor behind him, he had just one option left. To cut across the marsh ground in a straight line to the trucks, and hope years of crossing marshes growing up would give him the edge in keeping ahead of the para’s.

He made it! Mostly because the para’s had all stopped at the end of the marsh shouting for him to return. IDIOTS!!

“So why did I fail?”

“You ran across a mine field you idiot! did you not see the warnings of unexploded shells, mines, and other deadly ordinance?”

“Yes, but it was tactical. It was a short cut, and you could see where things had fallen, and I avoided them!”

“your lucky to be alive, and be glad I’m just failing you. I have never seen anything so stupid in all my life!”

“BUT! I escaped and made it back safe. I used the environment to my advantage, as I was taught”

“GO!!!!” The Captain yelled, But as he went back to join his captured colleagues he could swear the Company Sergent major was trying not to laugh. And he swore he heard someone say that he was right, in real life he would have escaped.