2011: Day 32

Type: Writing

Format: Snippet/free writing

Info: Zombies. Zombies. Zombies, TeamWayne

Everyone thinks they know what to expect during the zombie Apocalypse. We’ve all seen the films, you know what the main threat is. Zombies? Wrong!

Don’t get me wrong, zombies are a dangerous thing, and if you get swamped by a group of them, lets face it, your dead. And they have advantages, they have the numbers, they are hard to kill what with the whole already dead thing, and worst of all, if you kill one of them they are one down in numbers, but if they kill one of yours not only are you one down, but they are one up.

Oh and you have the whole, one of your team gets bit, scratched, infected then soon your going to have one of them inside your defenses. So all in all the Zombies are a BIG threat during any outbreak.

But I say there is a bigger threat, a threat from the top of the food chain. Think about this :-

What are you going to need when civilization goes down. Before groups organise, you will need water, food, weapons, secure locations. Ok, we’ve all seen the films, shopping malls are good. But consider your local town. You do not want to be in the heart of it since thats a high population area, so high zombie count. You need to be out on the edges, so that limits the safe places to get supplies.

Now everyone is going to be after the same set of very limited supplies, so the more aggressive people are going to defend what they can get. And stop others from depleting their supplies.

So I ask, which is more dangerous, the slow moving zombie that can not use tools, or the human with a shotgun? I say its other survivors that are the biggest threat in the case of an outbreak. So the threat level is : – Wild Animals, Zombies, Other Survivors defending supplies, Other Survivors after your supplies, Me.

Ah, now you are probably asking why I am more of a threat than the big violent man with a shotgun stopping you get the food you need to survive? or taking what little you have away from you? Thats simple.

While they are a close and possibly dangerous threat, they are close so if you were equally armed you could defend yourself. Me, I’m the one up to a mile away, watching you through the scope of a sniper rifle. Believe me, if your in my way, you will be dead long before you even realise I exist.

Remember, not all threats are the obvious ones, not all threats are close. And above all else, remember that come the Apocalypse, you want to be on #TeamWayne

This has been a party political recruitment speech on behalf of TeamWayne.

P.S. TeamWayne is still after a P.A.