2011: Day 36

Forgive me for any spelling mistakes or grammar errors in todays post, I’m typing this on my phone while watching TV.

I should also point out, Its Monday night which equals Dexter.

Type: Writing

Format: Snippet/free writing

Info: I do not know. I was watching Dexter?

Forgive me father for I have sinned, its been ten months since my last confession. I have had improper thoughts, I’ve touched myself, I’ve gotten myself drunk, I’ve looked at naked ladies, hum anything else, oh yes I killed a man.

I did not mean to kill him, I had no choice really. You see I went to him for help, for forgiveness, for absolution, and he refused me. He threatened to go to the police, I thought there was a confidentially about the confessional.

I thought you had to forgive my sins, make me pure again, and all without going to the police. I mean, your priests for gods sake!

Now sit back down father. Where do you think your going? I have not finished unburdening my guilt yet? I want to be good, I want to be pure and forgiven, so sit back down and absolve me before I nail your legs to the seat.

Trust me father I will do it. I’ll feel bad, and I will ask for your forgiveness, and you as the good priest will have to forgive me.

think about that father? do you really want to have to forgive the man nailing your legs to a seat? no, you do not, so sit the fuck back down, and get with the hail Marys?

I’m not actually sure what  a hail Mary is, is it anything like a bloody Mary?

Just joking padre, lightening up the mood, putting you at ease. See we’re all friends here. Now cleanse my soul with your forgiveness.

Now why did you have to go and threaten me with the police? I liked you, I really did. Now I’m going to have to find myself another priest to hear my confession, and all the bad stuff I do between now and then is going on your soul, not mine.

you could have ended this. You could have ended this today. Its been good talking to you, but I really should be going. By padre, give my regards to god.