2011: Day 41

Type: Writing

Format:  gibberish

Info: random conversations

Captains log galactic date 2379273b38hebuwibllewobblebl we are still on the run from the toasters, moral is low, we are on emergency rations, if we do not find a planet where we can restock soon I do not know what we will do.

“Sir do you just make these dates up?”

“Call a heads of department meeting, I want them all in my ready room in fifteen minutes.”

“Sir you do not have a ready room”

“Oh. Then what is that small room just off for my office! if it is not the ready room?”

“That would be a storage cupboard.”

“Well As ships captain I am requesting its use changed to ready room”

“Yes Sir!” The ensign turned to the announcement system *Will all department heads please report to a meeting in the captains cupboard in ten minutes*


Later in the meeting.

“Right I’ve gathered you all together to discuss our greatest need”

“Can you get your hand out of there”

“Its not my hand”

“I can’t move”

“Will you guys shut up”

“Sit I cant move”

“Right we have two main priorities. 1) We need to find food and 2) we need space to store the food”


“So I suggest we split into two teams, Engineering, and Medical you guys work on getting us storage. I suggest clearing out the cargo bays, While Science and security look to find us supplies”

“Sir? you want us to empty the cargo bay?”

“Yes. jettison it all into space, we need the err space”

“We need the space for?”

“Food, supplies, important things if the human race is to survive”

“You want us to get rid of everything in the cargo bay to make room for whatever scraps we can find on random planets? Do you know what our cargo is?”

“Yes. stuff. for something called terraforming, whatever that is. But with the end of civilisation I guess we dont need any more terra’s”

“Sir. Its stuff to supply and repopulate a new planet, its stuff we will need.”

“But our need for food is more important”

“Sir.. It is food, we have enough food supplies to feed a new planet forming team. And your ordering us to throw it away to make room for just in case we find food?”

“Well…… errr what is that smell”


“Gods alive… get the door open now.”

“I cant, we’re too tightly packed in this closet, I cant open the door”

“Ready room”

*cough… cough..thud..thud*

“This is 7th of 9. medical emergency in the captains closet. hasmat suits needed”