2011: Day 42

Type: Writing

Format:  gibberish

Info: random thoughts

There’s a monster under my bed.

I know what you are thinking, well your probably thinking one of two things. Either that I am completely nuts, or a young child who has some growing up to do. Well you would be wrong on either thought.

There really is a monster under my bed, there is another one in my closet. I am not scared of them, why would I be. I put them there, and I tied them up pretty securely before I did that.

I am not a bad person, in fact you could say I was acting in self defence. They came to my house to try and scare me, or worse. I just got the better of them, and so I think I should be allowed to try and scare them. Or failing that, maybe a bit of torture.

Human rights don’t count with monsters right?

You would be surprised at how many monsters there are in the world, they are everywhere. And they hide in plain sight. The one I have tied under my bed actually knocked on my door to check if I was in the house before sneaking in to find a place to hide. He was even disguised, but he did not fool me. I’ve seen his kind before.

I was watching TV when the knocks came, so I answered cautiously the door as I do since you never know who will be on the other side. And there he was, I could tell he was shocked to find me at home, he fumbled for some excuse, and the best he could come up with was “Come to read the gas meter” I mean, come on! have you read a gas meter? there is just a couple of numbers and not much else. Why would anyone want to read that.

I played along, I did not let on that I knew what he was at first, I let him in and showed him the gas meter, I even played along and offered him a coffee, He said no as they all do. Monsters never drink coffee, so this proof was all i needed, so I hit him hard with a baseball bat, tied him up and stored him under the bed for now.

I need to do something with them soon, as I’m running out of monster safe hiding places, to keep them. Well I hear monsters burn well, and we are heading towards bonfire night. Maybe this year I’ll have a penny for the monster night.