2011: Day 45

Type: Writing

Format:  Ghost tale-ish

Info: Two young lads showing great courage under adversity :o)

They walked slowly down the dark lane, laughing and telling each other stories. It was late evening, the last of the sun was just enough to see where they were going, as the climbed the gate that led off the lane, across the field towards their destination.

They were heading to a tree covered mound that was just visible across the field like an island on the sea. In fact that’s exactly what it looked like, one small tree covered island in the vase sea of corn fields.

They were heading their to meet up with the three girls who had headed out before them. It was a group dare, they had all decided that when it got dark they would all go to the mound that the locals called “Haunted Bank”, unfortunately the girls had gone on ahead, and the lads were now trying to catch up with them.

They had almost reached the bank when one stopped and uttered “what was that?” The other stopped and looked around. “What?”

“There on the bank, between the trees didn’t you see it?” They both stared at the dark bank, and similarly both jumped as the bright light moved between the trees.

“What was that?” one asked. “Its bright like headlights, but theres no cars about”

“the trees up there are too close together for even a bike, let alone a car? Could it be a torch?”

“No, my uncle goes lamping, and even his brightest lamp is not that bright, and look its a tight light, its not spreading”

“What is it??????”

“Shit, its the white lady!”

“shit shit shit……”

“Oh Fuck, the girls? their already on the bank, oh shit what do we do?”


Both lads displaying great courage, and care for their sisters, turned tail and legged it, away from the bank, across the field, looking back every so often towards the bank, which would glow with the brightest white light they had ever seen from time to time..

They did not stop until they reached one of their houses, where they stopped outside panting. “Shit, we shouldn’t have left them there. what am I going to tell my dad… shit”

“We say nothing. we say they went off somewhere, they’ll be ok, they have to be”

The lads entered the house to grab a drink, and while heading for the kitchen they bumped into the girls. “Hey I thought you girls were on HB?”

“We started going there, but it was too dark, so we came here instead. I take it you guys chickened out of going……”

The lads shared a look, and decided unspoken not to tell what they saw. After all, why would they brag about possibly leaving the girls behind, alone on a dark bank in the middle of nowhere, whit the white lady.