2011: Day 48

Type: Writing

Format:  5-Minute Writing Exercise

Info: I found a list of creative writing exercises.

Exercise is. to pick a pair of words from a list then just write for a set short time on whatever junk your mind comes up with. I thought I’d give it a go.

Words: Fire-Fishtank

I am not very good with looking after pets, I am in fact furthest away from good. If you don’t believe me then answer me this. How many people do you know who lost their goldfish from fire. Yes fire, there was a fire in my fishtank and it killed my goldfish.
Yes you heard me right, My fishtank full of water actually caught fire, I’m not sure how exactly happened. All i did was feed the fish, ok I may have put a bit too much food in there, and i guess maybe the food may have built up near the lamp, and the lamp does run hot.

But really, who expects a fire, in a tank full of water.


Ok. that was a bit short. I think if I decide to do any other exercises, I would like ones that run a bit longer. But hey-ho I guess until you try these things you do not know if it will work or not.