2012: Day: 100

Type: Writing

Format: Post/Roundup.

Info: Well the challenge is over.

Well the 100 Days are over. So it’s time to look back over the last few months of creativeness and take stock. I am also classing this contemplative lookback as a creative thing 🙂  Why? Because I can.

Well I did a lot better this Year (2012) Than last years effort (2011), I’m not sure if this is due to better timing, Last years clashed with NaNoWriMo and the run up to Christmas, both of which took time away from the Challenge.

Now before you start, I know there are blanks in this years challenge, but that does not mean I have not done those days, just that I was crap at uploading them. And I hold the other guys wholly to blame for that. 🙂

You see, one by one they fell at the roadside for different reasons, which meant I won the competitiveness of the challenge by default for lasting longer than them.  It also meant that where previously I would rush to make sure I uploaded that days item before midnight, now I started thinking “no rush, I’ll do it later, tomorrow” and tomorrows started blending together and weeks had gone past while my items sat waiting to be posted.

I will slowly (Probably) Back post things just for my own records, and maybe next year the rules may change slightly. But the important facts are.

  1. The challenge is over
  2. I won
  3. We all did some good bits of original creativity
  4. I won

See you in 2013!!!