100 Day Challenge

Welcome to the 5th annual 100 day challenge!

Yes it is that time of year again, where I try and combat the meh of Writers Block, Artistic Avoidance, and a general all round lack of enthusiasm with the 100 day challenge based on The 100 day challenge. The last few years have led to two published short stories, and contributed to a little book of poetry. Who knows what this year will bring.

Once again the rules are pretty straightforward. The event is 100 Days long, and for each of those 100 days, something creative must be done. This “Creativeness” can be either a stand alone bit of art, writing, poetry, interpretive dance, etcetera or a larger piece worked on over any number of days. In the case of the larger pieces of work, daily updates must be posted to avoid any claims of “cheating”.

This year  @MaguirePete is again joining in with the challenge. So, Pens at the ready, the 100 Days starts on February 1st!5come, for I can not let the DemonPenguin Win!

Note: It also helps that we are both “slightly” competitive over these things, and neither will want to be the first to fail, which will help encourage us to complete the challenge.

2015: Day 87 – NinjBots

Type: Poem Format: Poem Info: the Ninjbots were sent out to find the missing one! They seek him here, They seek him there, Those ninjbots seek him everywhere! Is he safe, or is he on fire that damned elusive Pete Maguire. Is he ok, or down on his luck, Or did he run...

2015: Day 85 – WebDesign Part 4

Type: Wedesign Format: Theme Making/Style Changing Info: Due to the fact google is now putting all sites that are not mobile friendly at the bottom of all search results, I spent a chunk of the day changing the themes of several sites, or making changes to the...

2015: Day 84 – If you build it they will come

Type: Building Format: Improvised Stageing Info: Today we had the grand opening of the Widows Sons Clubhouse. Unfortunately the "Temporary" Plaque case with the plaques for the unveiling had been put on the wall a bit hight. Not only that but the people doing the...

2015: Day 83 – But will you flee, or will you fight?

Type: Poetry Format: Poem Info: I was singing an old song in my head, from my youth.. and it grew.... From their holes and caverns creep, ten thousand orc and goblin feet. With hungry hearts and sharpened knives, they come to claim your worthless lives. But will you...

2015: Day 82 – St Georges Day

Type: Image Format: Web Image Info: I've been making Holiday Greetings from the Widows Sons as each day comes up. Today being St. Georges Day, It was time for a new holiday greeting. 

2015: Day 78 – They came from space

Type: Poetry Format: a poem Info: Notice a trend? They came from space, to kill our race. They killed all day, with their heat ray. They only safety to be found was in hiding under ground. We all rightly assumed humanity was doomed! But before they fully took hold...