100 Day Challenge

Welcome to the 5th annual 100 day challenge!

Yes it is that time of year again, where I try and combat the meh of Writers Block, Artistic Avoidance, and a general all round lack of enthusiasm with the 100 day challenge based on The 100 day challenge. The last few years have led to two published short stories, and contributed to a little book of poetry. Who knows what this year will bring.

Once again the rules are pretty straightforward. The event is 100 Days long, and for each of those 100 days, something creative must be done. This “Creativeness” can be either a stand alone bit of art, writing, poetry, interpretive dance, etcetera or a larger piece worked on over any number of days. In the case of the larger pieces of work, daily updates must be posted to avoid any claims of “cheating”.

This year  @MaguirePete is again joining in with the challenge. So, Pens at the ready, the 100 Days starts on February 1st!5come, for I can not let the DemonPenguin Win!

Note: It also helps that we are both “slightly” competitive over these things, and neither will want to be the first to fail, which will help encourage us to complete the challenge.

2015: Day 77 – Invaders from Mars – Pt2

Type: Drawing Format: Tablet Drawing Info: DemonPengu brought the Next Generation War of the Worlds soundtrack into the office. Guess what I've been listening too. Pt 2 was done on the Tablet  

2015: Day 76 – Invaders from Mars

Type: Drawing Format: Pen Doodle Info: DemonPengu brought the Next Generation War of the Worlds soundtrack into the office. Guess what I've been listening too.

2015: Day 75 – I can’t see

Type: Writing Format: Just free writing.  Info: I blame watching Daredevil.    Where am i? How did I get here? where is here? Where am i? Its all black, I can't see anything. Why can't I see anything? I can't even see my hands in front of my face. Wait.. opening...

2015: Day 74 – Rogue

Type: Drawing Format: Tablet Art Info: Watching Flash & Daredevil, so have Superheroes on the mind..  

2015: Day 73 – Photography

Type: Photoshoping Format: Photo Editing Info: We had some photographs taken by a professional Photographer, the only problem was not everyone had their patched waistcoats with them. SO I have edited some of the pictures to add in patches where they were missing.

2015: Day 71 – WebDesign Part 3

Type: Wedesign Format: Logo Making + Design Info: While waiting on Game of Thrones, I did some more work ong the Lodge website. I really cannot get the Header/Logo right. I'm thinking I may need to find a better copy of the logo. And if there is none, I may have to...

2015: Day 70 – The Breakup

Type: Poetry Format: A Poem Info: Two friends are having a messy breakup on Facebook...   Those fateful words were Spoken "This marriage is irrevocably broken" And now we've drawn a line, Is this friend yours or mine? We drag them into our fight, exaggerating...

2015: Day 69 – Napkin Secrets

Type: Secrets, Calculations, Workings out. Format: Napkin Notes Info: Possible Idea for a paper, All to do with the name of T.T.A.L.G.M.H. And why, how, with thrown in Maths... Also, It's all linked!    

2015: Day 68 – Blindness

Type: Macgyverism Format: Blindfold Info: Different type of creativity tonight. We could not find a blindfold, and since we were short the keys to the cupboard containing them. I had to improvise and build one using a bow tie and a normal tie.

2015: Day 67 – Two Tribes go to War

Type: Writing Format: Snippet Info: The room was double booked tonight! The two tribes faced off against each other, the members nursing wounds or brandishing improvised weapons. The ground between them was littered with the aftermath of countless skirmishes, the...

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